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What We Can Do

World class support experience, delivering high operational efficiency and better business alignments. Our customer success stories and decade and a half of experience speak for us.

End-to-end support or bespoke specific service, we are flexible and tailor our offering to your needs working for organisations of all sizes from startup to enterprise level. Our team of experts ensure service is provided quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Our Solutions & Services

Migrating Applications

We effectively move your services and applications from one host to another covering implementation, integration, compatibility and interoperability challenges. Our Team brings years of experience, well defined workflows and best practices enabling minimum downtime and full control over the activity.

Service Desk

Our Team acts as a single point of contact between users and different parties involved. Whether internal teams, customers or business partners, managing the life cycle of requests and keeping all parties well communicated as service levels are delivered is standard

Configure, Change & Release Management

We plan, document and carefully configure your applications. We help with change management, assist in organised releases and DevOps to ensure business is benefiting from advancement of the solutions.

Software/Application Problems

Our experienced and knowledgeable team of support engineers providing requirements at all levels, such as; User – service requests and how to questions; Operational – administration, capacity, monitoring; Software/Application – enhancements, incidents, problem records, emergency maintenance.

Monitoring and Maintenance

We offer constant monitoring of systems and services so that businesses do not have to worry about application downtime. Proactive maintenance offers a planned strategy to ensure reliability of systems. Reactive maintenance is available.

Knowledge Management

Our Support team will take on the required knowledge from source and create the supporting documentation during the transition phase and get into joint operation mode with current teams before reaching steady state so that the changeover goes smoothly.

Solutions We’ve Delivered

We Meet Our Customer’s Need With
A Global Order Management System

Many of our solutions are cloud hosted and our customers trust us to manage this and the ongoing support. Our customer needed to ensure their OMS solution would be available 24×7 as operational users and suppliers around the globe accessed the system. Offering proactive maintenance meant all parties where able to work around essential planned downtime.

We helped our customer to meet their day-to-day business demands by providing a Service Desk that managed all levels of support and change requests. This provided peace of mind that users and the product were monitored and managed around the clock.


We Meet Our Customer’s Need With
A Dedicated Team To Monitor and Support Users

As our customer’s business grew inline with business targets they needed a dedicated team to support their end customers’ needs. Providing the ‘face’ of IT Support our team delivered first line, second line and training support. This ensured customer satisfaction for the product and services received.

Our adaptive and flexible approach meant our customer did not need to take on a huge back off team to support their growing customer base and could focus on growth knowing we provided first class support and regular reviews to monitor service levels.

We Meet Our Customer’s Need With
A Cost Effective Solution for A Startup

Having delivered the Idea and Build services to our customer they needed a cost-effective support model for a new business. Monitoring and reactive maintenance due to low volumes was the initial approach that could easily scale to proactive. This gave our customer peace of mind and allowed them to focus internally knowing their product was in safe hands.

Working with startup customers requires a flexible approach to support models where one size does not ‘fit all’. Our customer was able to secure the correct level of support for their new to market product. Regular reviews ensured we increased support and demand and the customer base grew. Providing real world solutions is our core strength.


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