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Streamline your supplier discovery and compliance with Procurement AI – your gateway to innovative and diverse suppliers.

Problem We Are Solving

In the rapidly evolving business landscape, procurement teams face the daunting challenge of sourcing innovative startups, SMEs, and suppliers that meet strict ESG and DIE compliance standards. Traditional business databases often fall short, offering outdated information that hinders the identification of promising new suppliers, leaving procurement teams in need of a dynamic, real-time solution.





Our Solution

Introducing Procurement AI by AI AppGallery – a cutting-edge solution designed to empower procurement teams with a continuously updated database tailored to their specific needs. From city and region-specific suppliers to diverse and women-owned businesses, Procurement AI ensures you’re always connected to the most relevant and innovative suppliers in the market.


Up-to-Date Information

With weekly internet crawls, our database remains fresh, offering you the latest in supplier innovation.

Diverse Supplier Network

Access a wide array of suppliers, including those from underrepresented sectors, to enrich your supply chain diversity.

Seamless Integration

Effortlessly merge Procurement AI with your existing ERP and procurement systems for a unified operational experience.

Enhanced Compliance

Easily meet and exceed ESG and DIE compliance requirements with a diverse supplier base.

Strategic Sourcing

Leverage AI-driven insights to make informed decisions and identify strategic supplier relationships.

Cost Efficiency

Reduce the time and resources spent on supplier discovery and vetting, focusing instead on value-adding activities.


Dynamic Database Building

Automatically compile a targeted supplier database based on your unique procurement requirements.

Auto-Match Suppliers to Tenders

Utilize AI to effortlessly find niche and diverse suppliers perfectly matched to your tenders.

User-Friendly Interface

A sleek and intuitive design ensures ease of use without sacrificing depth and functionality.

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Ready to transform your procurement process with AI? Contact us today to schedule a demo or speak with one of our procurement AI experts. Discover how Procurement AI can tailor a solution for your business's unique needs and challenges.

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