WordPress Dev & Design for Microscope Manufacturer: Our Success Story with Scientific Tools Company

Explore our incredible success story with Scientific Tools Company, a leading microscope manufacturer, as we took their online presence to new heights through WordPress development and design. Witness how our expertise transformed their website into a powerful platform that showcases their cutting-edge products and engages their target audience.

How We Helped

Incepteo played a pivotal role in transforming the online presence of Scientific Tools Company, an industrial microscopy equipment manufacturer. With expertise in WordPress development and design, our team embarked on an ambitious project to re-platform 14 websites, enhancing performance, functionality, content, and brand representation across global markets.



How We Delivered The Customers Solution

The challenge

Scientific Tools Company faced the challenge of outdated, underperforming websites that no longer reflected their brand's vision. They sought a partner to revamp their online presence, ensuring seamless user experiences, multilingual support, and improved performance across their global markets.

The Actions

Incepteo took charge of redesigning all 14 websites, utilizing the power and flexibility of WordPress. Our team started with the highest-trafficked websites, gradually progressing to others and the trade-only distributor hub. Understanding the need for localized content, we created page layouts that accommodated translations in various languages, even those using non-Latin characters. Through careful planning and collaboration, we optimized performance, improved page loading times, and introduced a visually appealing design that showcased the company's products effectively.

The Results

The engagement with Incepteo yielded remarkable results for Scientific Tools Company. The re-platformed websites boasted significantly faster page loading times, going from minutes to mere seconds. End users applauded the enhanced content and improved user experiences. Despite potential complications stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, Incepteo managed the project effectively, showcasing a strong work ethic and an unwavering commitment to driving customer success.

"It was very obvious that each member of the organization who worked on our project wanted our project to succeed."

Group Marketing Communications Manager,
Scientific Tools Company
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