User Research, UX Design & Landing Pages for Web3 CRM Firm: Our Success Story with Blocksee

Discover how Incepteo empowered Blocksee, a leading Web3 CRM firm, through user research, UX design, and optimized landing pages. Explore our success story in driving customer engagement and conversion, as we helped Blocksee enhance their user experience and establish a strong online presence in the evolving Web3 landscape

How We Helped

We collaborated with Blocksee, a Web3 CRM company, to design their UX and landing pages for their flagship product. Our team conducted extensive user research, ensuring a deep understanding of their brand values and target audience. Using Adobe XD as the primary wireframe software, we delivered a cohesive and visually appealing design.



How We Delivered The Customers Solution

The challenge

Blocksee needed to enhance the user experience and create engaging landing pages for their product. They sought a partner who could understand their brand values and translate them into a user-centered design.

The Actions

Our team at Incepteo conducted thorough user research, taking input from each partner and synthesizing the information into a cohesive design. We utilized Adobe XD to map out the designs and facilitate collaborative feedback rounds to refine the UX/UI elements.

The Results

The final design received positive feedback from both internal and external stakeholders, serving as the foundation for Blocksee's website and branding assets. Incepteo's thorough process, on-time delivery, and effective project management using tools like Zoom and Miro ensured a successful engagement.

"They delivered a quality product at a reasonable price."

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