Ensuring your technology is as good as your business plan

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A snap of our CEO Chaithanya Kumar in Incepteo's Launch22 Event - Where non-tech founders met a technology expertA Summary of Incepteo’s Launch22 event – where non tech founders met a technology expert.

Incepteo in partnership with Tech Workspace provider Launch22, organised an event in order to provide entrepreneurs with guidance and information about technology best practices, so that they can start their startup journey with a solid technical foundation. All of the information, recommendations and advice were based on real-world learnings that Chaithanya Kumar has taken from the numerous start-up ventures that he has worked with, where he led both technology strategy guidance, as well software development and support services.

It was our mission to ensure that no founder is lonely when it comes to tech. It’s always difficult for non-tech founders to determine the best way to find the right technology for their business, especially for businesses that have technology at the core of their service. Most businesses will have numerous tech decisions to make, from the beginning of their journey, even if they don’t necessarily have tech leadership and expertise in their management team and we wanted to help.

At the event we met a fabulous group of entrepreneurs, who have great ideas and are all at various stages of evolution in their startup journey. Many of whom were enthusiastic about their future journey, but many were also anxious at the prospect about having to make technology decisions.

Our CEO, Chaithanya Kumar who has significant experience as a CTO and advisor to startups, took them through a guided journey, that gave each and every single one of them information and the steps they need to follow, along with key factors to consider to ensure that they get the right tech for their startup. Chaithanya also shared his own stories about his early stage technology decisions, that ultimately resulted in success. Below are some of the key steps an individual will need to consider during the initial stages of a business journey to ensure businesses have solid tech foundation:

  • Choosing Right Tech Leadership
  • Choosing Right Technology Stack
  • Planning for Security & Scalability
  • Get a realistic estimate of the Cost to Develop, Host and Maintain your site

Chaithanya also provided the entrepreneurs with a simple but proven checklist so that they can make effective technology decisions for their business, which we have summarized for you below:

  • Give a lot of your time, attention and focus to UX/UI
  • Figure out your product market fit and align tech to it
  • Ensure your business strategy influences technology not the other way around
  • Do not allow engineering overkill
  • Avoid choosing the wrong tech
  • Do not choose skills that it’s hard to find coders for
  • Plan for the deployment, rollout, customer onboarding of your service
  • Make sure you consider your product evolution and future stages
  • Do not become lost in continuous feature development
  • BEWARE “Trusting the coder, I met in the pub” – make sure that you research the coders and their companies
  • Remember setting unpractical deadlines for tech teams will only result failure for them and you
  • Beware of the cowboy coders out there, it won’t feel great starting all over again
  • Do not ignore important faculties of business – marketing, sales, revenues

If you missed this event don’t worry, we will be arranging a number of similar events in the upcoming months so email us at hello@incepteo.com to express your interest, so that we can let you know about future events.

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