Partners in Your Start-up Venture Journey

Extending our years of entrepreneurial experience to a range of start-ups, we have accelerated their route to market exponentially. We have saved them a huge amount of effort, time and expense, by guiding them through our structured idea to market incubation journey.

We have strategic leadership, experienced mentors and shared business functions (including a board of directors, strategic mentors and functional leads) to help set up a fully-fledged business without having to recruit a huge team and go through all the learning pains associated with a new venture. We have also partnered with a range of vetted and reputable service provides that can provide HR, Legal, Strategy, Branding & Marketing assistance.


How We Can Empower Your Venture


Business Planning

It is imperative that any new venture starts on the right footing. We help you kick-start your startup with the right business strategy and help throughout the journey with all functions during various growth stages.


Innovation With Technology

Technology is what we live and breathe. We deliver Intelligent, cost-effective, bespoke technology solutions that accelerate innovation and creating new revenue streams.


Help With Funding

Any venture needs initial stages of capital to give it life and introduce it to the market. Our wide-ranging investor network helps you find the right funding and advisory to make your business idea a reality.


Mentor Network for Growth

Growth is all about tapping into the right talent and delegating responsibilities. Our mentor network can help you act as a mature business and avoid costly mistakes and re-inventing. May it be Sales, Marketing, Engineering or HR, Finance and Business Strategy we have people who you can trust.

Unique Approach: Idea to Market

Incepteo is there for you on each step of your business growth journey. Discover just what Incepteo can do for you.


We will assist in validating your business idea, creating a viable business plan 

and go to market strategies for your venture.


Starting from seed to growth rounds, raising capital can be a trying experience. 

.We can offer help in introducing you to funding sources and ensuring that you are pitch-ready.


Starting from seed to growth rounds, raising capital can be a trying experience

We can offer help in introducing you to funding sources and ensuring that you are pitch-ready.


Technology is the backbone for most start-up ventures today. We bring world-class expertise 

and technology leadership to your venture, to create the backbone that your startup needs.

Our Clients Include

Here are some of our ventures


Capium is a cloud-based accounting & practice management package, which meets the day to day management demands of accounting practices and automates accounts production. There is now no need for separate systems, as Capium allows accountancy practices to run their entire business through a unified cloud-based software. With 6 key modules, Capium allows accountants to conduct all processes in a secure, speedy and user-friendly manner.

Incepteo participated in this venture from ideation, funding, business planning, technology development, marketing, sales, support and running of the board. We successfully built the brand as a recognised player in the industry with an impressive and growing customer based and been shortlisted for industry-leading awards.

  • capium
  • collude
  • Keyura Cloud
  • modulus
  • myvaidya
  • arthub

Let Us Help You Grow


Incepteo not only brings to your cutting-edge tech expertise but also the strategic insight and decades of experience in shaping ventures.


Intelligent, cost-effective, bespoke technology solutions that streamline processes, accelerates innovation and creates new revenue streams.


We create technology backed business solutions for companies, ensuring that our clients get the maximum value from their investment in technology.