Challenges faced by Startups

Getting your technology to market in the most-timely way possible is critical in the start-up environment.
But speed to market should not be done at the expense of your platform’s flexibility, supportability and scalability.

As the old saying goes… “buy cheap, buy twice”.

If you’ve already bought cheap & it doesn’t do what’s needed, let us fix it – reliably, quickly and cost effectively .

Some of the initial challenges faced by Start-Up and SaaS organisations include


Need to focus on the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) then add further features and functions as the revenue starts to flow


Your current software is either not robust or not scalable

Create good, reliable and stable software at a reasonable price point


Require a technology partner that brings the right expertise to bring the business plan to realisation in a timely manner


Need technical expertise to undertake good design (UX/UI)
Don’t necessarily throw away what you’ve already done. Incepteo can take whatever others have written & make it robust, flexible & scalable.
We can use your current environment and transform it, bring it to market and support it, quickly and all at very reasonable prices.
Then as the first customers start to use the platform, there are the support and onboarding challenges around ensuring your technology can scale to support your business plan as more customers sign-up.

Incepteo has worked with many start-up organisations to design, build and implement their technology platform and then provide them with the cloud infrastructure and ongoing support services to ensure that they can scale their technology, and allow the organisation to focus on the winning more business.

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Incepteo’s development teams have successfully delivered customer projects using the following technologies


Microsoft technologies

Mobile Apps – iOS, Android, Windows


Open Source – Client-Side Scripting, PHP Frameworks, CMS, E-Commerce


EDI, Business Intelligence & Databases


MS Azure Support


AWS Support

Incepteo can provide the following services to support your Start-Up / SaaS business in ensuring that you can get to market rapidly and you can then scale your operation in a cost effective and competitive manner


Idea & Build

  • Technology Strategy
  • Concept / MVP Development
  • Design Services – UX and Technology
  • Development and Integration Services
  • QA, System & Performance Testing
  • Project Management

Support & Secure

  • Cloud Hosting
  • System Support
  • Applications Support
  • Monitoring
  • Help Desk

Let Us Help You Grow


Incepteo not only brings to you cutting-edge tech expertise but also the strategic insight and decades of experience in shaping ventures.


Intelligent, cost-effective, bespoke technology solutions that streamline processes, accelerates innovation and creates new revenue streams.


We create technology backed business solutions for companies, ensuring that our clients get the maximum value from their investment in technology.