Five Essentials of Content Marketing

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Five Essentials of Content Marketing

Five Essentials of Content Marketing Strategy You Need To Know

Basics that form the backbone of your Content Marketing Strategy Content marketing is an essential element to a digital marketing strategy. This should align with the business and marketing goals of the organisation. Content marketing can be used in achieving several goals.

  •  Building Brand Awareness
  • Lead Generation Process
  • Information Provider
  • Conversion of Prospects to Customers
  • Inbound Marketing – SEO
  • Expanding in reach via Social Sharing

Content games out there in the real world are too competitive. It becomes harder and harder for businesses to cope with this information overload. Interestingly, a corporate can afford to create efficient content and come up with digital content strategies and methods to market that content. On the contrary start-ups with all the limitations to budget, resources and experience are still rocking content marketing recently. This has been a visible trend and when looked deeper gives a few key basic takeaways of how Content Marketing can be dealt with.

1. Be Unique to your Competition

It is quite difficult to be unique when there is a lot of competition in the market. Try to find a unique way of building your content and a way of presenting it to your audience. Try to be informative enough to reach and serve your audience.

2. Set specific and determined Goals

Being detailed enough and specific is the key to mapping your digital Strategy to the Business Goals. Though there are short-term goals, generating new revenues is the ultimate goal of any business in the long term. Optimise your Content to produce these specific returns of conversions/generating leads.

3. Craft a compelling USP

Your Business’s unique selling proposition (USP) is the differentiator to your competition. This needs to be convincing enough to make your audience stay tuned to your content and educate the audience about your product/service. The story should be conveyed in your content to help your audience make that journey from just being aware of your product/service to compelling him/her enough to help make the buying decision.

4. Ensure engagement with the Audience

Keep reviewing your content to check which is working and which is not. Keep posting fresh content and make sure what posts are viewed the most and what reached the maximum audience. There will be emerging few patterns of your digital content strategies working and few not working, the topics of interest to the audience, social shares by audiences, subscriptions, etc. These all give you hints to plan for future and scope to keep improving your Content.

5. Leverage the Distribution Mediums

After creating all that beautiful content, it would be a waste of effort not to market it. There are many channels available in the current digital marketing world for you to take your content to fulfil its purpose. Make use of both organic search and social sharing along with the paid mediums to leverage upon to achieve quicker and more effective results.

With all these basic rules of content marketing, ensure your digital strategy works out wonders in building reputation and reaping results.

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