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Zsah is a high-performance Cloud and Managed Technology Services company based in London.
A routing tool using smart algorithms to ensure that multiple travel options were provided based on the journey and combined risk rating of any incidents reported on the route.

Let the Journey Begin, Another MVP Adventure

All new startups know that the creation of an MVP is essential in the planning of their entrepreneurial journey. zsah are aware that Incepteo has a strong reputation for building successful applications with passion and professionalism.


Incepteo’s engagement on this project was the result of a great skills mix between zsah and Incepteo. Having the customer relationship already, zsah were able to provide the project manager and customer interface to gather and pass on the MVP requirements.


The Incepteo technical team provided zsah with a seamless extension of their business. Integrating into the process, building rapport and building / delivering a mobile solution that could be taken by zsah’s customer to investors to attract support for further development phases.


Incepteo had a flexible approach to this new dev-venture which meant zsah could adapt and engage with the customer to ensure that the ultimate objectives were met, and the product reached the market.



How We Delivered The Customers Solution

The challenge

To find a provider to deliver the customer MVP in collaboration with zsah. Deliver it in a fast and effective manner to support proof of concept which would aid the customer in gaining further investment funding. Core to this requirement was using the right technology to assist with providing both a routing tool, via Maps, and using smart algorithms to ensure that multiple travel options were provided based on the journey and combined risk rating of any incidents reported on the route.


A clearly define delineation of roles between zsah and Incepteo enabled both parties to focus on key deliverables and meet tight deadlines. The iOS app was developed in Swift language and PostgreSQL at the backend, which helps to find and return the closest point within the Line String based on a pair of coordinates.


To build this routing solutions meant taking the best of what was available and enhancing and developing it to meet the full project needs. Providing visual guidance, routing options, weighting different crime incidents and more in a time sensitive manner from the initial request was key to the application success.


Together zsah and Incepteo were able to deliver a mobile application to the end customer which met their requirements and empowered them to continue their venture journey. Aggressive timescales meant all parties had to work in a professional and efficient manner to ensure the initial project was delivered on time. Further development was defined to enhance and move the product forward. It was a new and successful experience working together.

"Incepteo team were easy to work with and delivered a great MVP solution in a pressured environment. We were looking for an organisation that could help us get our customer’s MVP to market in the shortest possible time. Incepteo was selected to help us deliver this new app which we feel passionately will bring a great level of value and safety to its users. They brought in their extensive skills to ensure we had a robust solution that could stand alone in defining a new valuable platform for the user community."

Humza Rajput,
Head of Software Development, Zsah,

Technologies used to deliver the project

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