PSA Business Group: Empowering Logistics Businesses With Critical Analytics

PSA specialises in providing business intelligence tools to international freight forwarders. This enables them to manage their business more effectively through operational performance and financial analytics reporting.

Advanced Visibility Enabling Informed Decision Making

The world of freight forwarding and logistics is defined by expertise, robust agile processes and technological advancement. Smart logistics organisations are empowered by solutions that help drive operational efficiency and managerial decision making.

Faced by severe industry competition, staying ahead means operators must offer their customers intelligent responsive information, that supports critical decision making.



How We Delivered The Customers Solution

The challenge

PSA were having great success in winning new customer business to provide with new data integration & insights, but the current technology platform made integration a difficult, costly and time-consuming process impacting customer satisfaction.


PSA also wanted to move away from CAPEX on scaling up their environment as new customers were onboarded and wanted to focus its efforts on bringing in more customers


Incepteo partnered with PSA to assist them on customer implementations by providing its technical expertise of EDI integration and data analysis. This allowed PSA to focus on the building front-end customer interface around BI Reporting.


To help PSA with the investment model and on-going support, Incepteo migrated to a cloud hosted environment and took over all support and help desk services for its customers.


PSA was able to reduce the costs of onboarding new customers by around 50% as well as significantly reduce the time taken to take new customers live.


By moving to a hosted platform, it meant that PSA’s growth was no longer limited by infrastructure constraints and projects can be delivered in a more agile way.

"Incepteo has been a great partner, enabling us to strengthen our services to our customers along with the ability to scale up our business.”

Paul Allen,
Founder, PSA Business Group.

Technologies used to deliver the project

Incepteo has been a great partner, enabling us to strengthen our services to our customers along with the ability to scale up our business.

Web Technologies


Microsoft Power BI


Altova Flowforce Server




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