Geodis: Comprehensive end to end visibility for Optimal Decisions

Geodis provided global logistics services supported through visibility tools to enhance customer processes. For Retail sector customers they built an Order Management system that enabled global purchasing teams to manage the end to end process.

Putting Logistics Control in the Hands of the Customer

In the competitive logistics world providing customers with tools that enable them to take control of their business and manage their suppliers is essential; providing it through a simple user-friendly frontend is dynamite.


Geodis wanted to provide their customers with a global visibility system that verified every part of the inbound order management process. From order creation within the customer buying team, order confirmation by suppliers and through various levels of system-managed tolerance criteria, to final mile delivery. Technology is the key USP that logistics companies need to market and differentiate themselves.



How We Delivered The Customers Solution

The challenge

A leading retail customer was retendering its logistics business. As part of that process they required its chosen partner to provide a more automated and seamless way to support their inbound logistics business. Geodis won the business on the basis of an integration with its Order Management system. Unfortunately, the customers priorities changed, and the integration project had to be shelved.


This resulted in Geodis needing to find an alternative solution to manage the high volume, time sensitive process that would give the customer the necessary visibility of information to manage their suppliers. Initially a spreadsheet-based solution was put in place but this became unmanageable due to the high volume of data that was being gathered from global offices and collated. It was also unsustainable from a contract profitability perspective.


Incepteo engaged with Geodis as it had developed a solution (Collaboration) that could address a high percentage of the data management requirement. Additionally, Incepteo had a large amount of expertise in EDI integration projects with back-end logistics systems.


After a number of process mapping workshops, the solution requirements were documented and Incepteo worked with Geodis to configure the system to meet end-customers’ requirements including shipment tolerances, data access rights, role- based levels of visibility and auto population of data – which was being received 24×7.


Providing software solution, architecture design, and highest level of product / hosting support, Incepteo provided a strong project team to ensure timelines were met. Scalability and future readiness were achieved by creating the right cloud infrastructure along with strong product support.


The solution enabled Geodis to profitably deliver the contracted service to its retail customer.


The retail customer was able to access priority data updates 24 x 7, enabling them to see their inbound logistics flow at all stages and actively manage supplier compliance. This ensured that products could be allocated to final point of delivery (shop or on-line) and allowed them to manage their revenue forecasts.


As a result of this successful project, the customer then worked with Incepteo / Geodis to enhance the solution for the final in-bound warehouse process of QA compliance reporting.

“Finding an IT supplier with extensive logistics knowledge provided us with a reliable, flexible, strategic partner. Incepteo was the IT partner we never know we needed.”

Matt Pisano,
Project Manager, Geodis International Freight Forwarding UK Ltd.

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