Capium: Revolutionising The Future Of Accountancy

Capium is the world’s first software that integrates accounts production with powerful tools for running an accountancy practice into a single cloud-based platform, with the potential to trigger disruption in the accountancy industry and fundamentally change the role of the accountant.

Pushing the Boundaries of Accountancy Software

As the British governments push for digitalisation of tax reporting and business owners adopt the latest technologies and apps for their bookkeeping and accounting, there is a massive movement towards the uptake of cloud-based software in the accountancy industry.


Capium’s mission is to make the accountants’ life easier and more efficient whilst providing speedier response times to clients and greater transparency. They want to liberate the accountant from the drudgery of running an accountancy practice to free up their time to give more advice based on the accounts to their clients.



How We Delivered The Customers Solution

The challenge

Capium had a promising product it wanted to market, a complete accountancy practice management software package, and they wanted to get a version onto the market quickly, which their in-house developers achieved.


Sales began to grow and Capium was signing up more, and larger, customers. However, these customers were demanding higher levels of technical assurances and a more sophisticated user experience.


Capium had achieved their initial goal of bringing a functional, multi-tenanted accountancy software platform to market, but they were now faced the challenge of scaling their platform to the next level as well as keeping the offering ahead of their competitors.


What Capium wanted was a partner who could carry out a deep strategic and technical audit of where they stood, produce a roadmap for the future and then implement it to transform the package into a slicker, more robustly integrated solution.


To add more strategic direction and technical expertise, Incepteo set up a dedicated team and took on the CTO role for Capium. Their first task was to carry out an in-depth audit and undertake technical due diligence on the product, going through every layer of the technology from the front end to the back-end database, scrutinizing data security standards, UX and overall performance for any gaps.


After a comprehensive code analysis, the development team concluded that the package needed a full re-architecture. The audit became a complete transition roadmap to a more robust and higher-performing product. Now they had to implement that plan.


As starting from scratch wasn’t feasible, a modular approach was taken, developing value-added new functional components that would keep the product moving forward to meet the changing market demands. These new modules were integrated into the current solution while, in parallel, focus was on gradually replacing the entire suite of product. Incepteo was instrumental in designing and developing initial set of modules of the new version in new architecture.


Importantly, with Incepteo’s ISO 27001 based accreditations, it introduced far more rigor into to the overall technology management process, while using their experience of working with start-ups to produce a comprehensive technology strategy and roadmap, to put Capium on a firmer footing for the future.


From an initial multi-tenancy platform, Capium now has a package offering better functionality and a more professional UX based upon robust, documented and easily maintained technology. From a customer base of hundreds, Capium has since on-boarded thousands of customers, growing at 30% per quarter and with customer retention rates which had been good, rising to above the industry average.


Capium now boasts an end-to-end accountancy package which reliably handles the whole range of professional activities conducted by medium-sized accountancy practices. The award-winning package is now considered one of top five solutions in the industry and added technical assurance allows Capium’s sales force to go confidently after larger customers.


Incepteo continues to provide technology strategy, hosting, maintenance and infrastructure support, but have helped Capium build its own in-house development team to take back responsibility for the package. With a new, more strategic, roadmap approach to development, release and documentation processes, Capium now has a transition plan and a way of maintaining knowledge as its development team has expanded from five to 30 people.


With these standards in place, not only do customers have more confidence in the product but Capium is able establish greater confidence with investors, regulators such as HMRC as a solid, compliant software provider, enabling “Making Tax Digital” HMRC’s shift to digital tax filing.

"Incepteo brought to the table strategic leadership, technology know-how and a larger support system that has been instrumental in achieving growth."

Tushir Patel,
CEO Capium Limited UK.

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