Delivering Excellence

In our technology-driven age, innovation and new technology adoption have become the defining characteristic of successful enterprises. We bring to your business a passion for excellence in all that we do.

From technology know-how, strategic insight and an obsession with customer care, we continue to raise the bar in all that we do to retain competitive advantage and transfer this to our clients.


Business Incubation

We straddle entrepreneurial energy and flair with technology and strategy expertise to offer Startups our unique incubation methodology of ideating, validating & modelling great business ideas with precision and passion, to take their ideas to market at speed.

We help entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs build and shape their ideas to make them commercially viable, appealing to investors and defensible against the competition and then offer the technology and strategy skills needed, to make those ideas a commercial success.

Architecting Technology

We have decades of experience in delivering software solutions to customers across the globe and in various sectors using a multitude of technology stacks that we interweave to create completely bespoke, stable and scalable solutions.

Incepteo leverages its skills across Microsoft, open source, database, mobile integration and digital transformation technologies to bring game-changing ideas and processes to life.


Technology Strategy

We create and manage processes that align short-term and long-term business goals with specific technology products, services and solutions. We can also help Identify risks concerning architecture, security, scalability, and technology processes.

Technology Agnostic

Our decades of experience and the diversity of clients and business needs that we have worked with have allowed us to master a multitude of technologies and we are one of the few technology companies that are truly technology agnostic.

We will advise on the right mix of technologies for your needs and business context, whether they are niche products, content management solutions, customer relationship solutions, workflow solutions, cloud apps, SaaS solutions, API integrations or Business intelligence applications.


DevOps and Cloud

We have harnessed the use of DevOps (a sophisticated software development methodology) that enhances our ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity: evolving and improving products at a faster pace than others using traditional software development and infrastructure management processes.

We have also partnered with the major cloud hosting and infrastructure providers and can offer a range of choices to guide, execute and support your business’s transition to the cloud.

Digital Transformation

Technologies come in waves and we strive to ride each wave and remain ahead of the curve by mastering the latest technologies and their business applications.

We are adept at helping businesses make the most out of Cloud, Social, AI, ML, IOT, VR, AR, Blockchain, RPA and many more. We are constantly researching and enhancing our expertise in these areas, so that we can be a catalyst for digital transformation in your business, helping you operate efficiently drive down costs and improve the end customer experience.


Technology We Use

We are technology agnostic and excel in the deployment of an impressive range of technology stacks, which give us an unparalleled skills set to craft the optimal and most robust solution for your business.

Open Source

AngularJS, ReactJS, Django, TypeScript, NativeScript, KnockoutJS, Javascript, Jquery, HTML, CSS, PHP Frameworks – CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Symphony, Laravel and Zend, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Pretashop and Opencart

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