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The world of freight forwarding and logistics is defined by expertise, robust agile processes and technological advancement. Smart logistics organisations are empowered by solutions that help drive operational efficiency and managerial decision making.

Faced by severe industry competition, staying ahead means operators must offer their customers intelligent responsive information, that supports critical decision making.


How We Delivered Our Solution

The Business Problem

PSA’s specialist expertise in freight forwarding allowed them to develop a model of comprehensive data integrations that was presented with insightful visualisations. PSA’s growth and success resulted in a demand for advanced capacity to meet their growing customer base. They also wanted to migrate to a cloud delivery model and required cloud hosting support.

How We Helped

PSA partnered with Incepteo as a technology partner and benefited from value-added service that could be jointly offered to all their customers. Incepteo and PSA collaborated to deliver customer implementations with new integrations and analytics to end customers. Incepteo migrated the hosting infrastructure to a stable cloud environment and provided service availability and support to PSA’s customers. This enabled PSA to focus on their core business offering while Incepteo delivered technology innovation within their business.

What We Delivered

Our team of integration and business intelligence specialists helped deliver services to PSA’s end customers. The solution which we delivered involved EDI analysis, mapping, integration development, deployment and monitoring. This allowed scalability of their services along with the business benefits of migrating to a stable hosted environment which was maintained and managed by the Incepteo team. We acted as a consulting and technology backbone which gave PSA the scale and expertise they needed to grow their business.

“The Incepteo team brought immense commitment, know-how and process maturity”

Paul Allen, Founder, PSA Business

Incepteo has been a great partner, enabling us to strengthen our services to our customers along with the ability to scale up our business.

Their technical services have been exemplary and as an extended team, Incepteo brought immense commitment, know-how and process maturity.

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