Pushing the Boundaries of Accountancy Software

As the British governments push for digitalisation of tax reporting and business owners adopt the latest technologies and apps for their bookkeeping and accounting, there is a massive movement towards the uptake of cloud-based software in the accountancy industry.

Capium was an industry pioneer and created the first end to cloud (SAAS) solution for accountants that not only automated the job of accounts production with several powerful modules but ALSO gave the owner of an accountancy practice powerful tools to manage every aspect of their business and see in a few simple dashboards how the business was performing.

Capium’s mission is to make the accountants’ life easier and more efficient whilst providing speedier response times to clients and greater transparency. They want to liberate the accountant from the drudgery of running an accountancy practice to free up their time to give more advice based on the accounts to their clients.


How We Delivered Our Solution

The Business Problem

Being a fast-growing cloud player in the accountancy sector, Capium needed to ensure their business and technology strategies were scalable and to the best of industry standards and that they could continue to evolve their offering at a pace with which they could stay ahead of the competition. There was a need for a strategic review of their technology platform and frameworks to ensure they would be ready for future growth. Goals had been set at both technology and business level but they needed an experienced partner to validate and implement these.

How We Helped

Incepteo and Capium created a venture partnership which empowered Capium, with Incepteo providing strategic input into every level of the business that has had a huge impact on accelerating growth.

The project started with product development and has further expanded into broader business strategy, product design and developing inter-functional relationships for the technology team. Incepteo has also occupied the CTO function, supporting the management team. They have assisted with critical stages of funding, recruiting, building large scale teams and establishing governance mechanisms. Scalability and future readiness were achieved by creating the right cloud infrastructure along with help to set up an offshore product support operation.

What We Delivered

As part of our venture partnership with Capium, Incepteo initiated a complete transformation in terms of technology, architecture, product advancement, hosting infrastructure and management of the engineering process.

Both teams worked seamlessly as one integrated unit and successfully upgraded hosting to a robust cloud environment; helped upgrade the software to a new level of architecture, security and performance efficiency; offered cloud support and maintenance to deliver greater assurance to the business. Incepteo took a major role in setting best practices and delivering a product that helps business growth, spearheading a rebrand of the company and providing strategic input in terms of digital marketing and second round fundraising.

“Incepteo brought to the table strategic leadership, technology know-how and a larger support system that has been instrumental in achieving growth.”

Tushir Patel,
CEO Capium Limited UK

“We were looking for a partner that could help us in a range of areas who could work at a pace and style best suited to a high growth startup like ourselves. What started as a technology collaboration emerged into a broader 360-degree partnership, based on trust and a shared vision. Incepteo brought to the table strategic leadership, technology know-how and a larger support system that has been instrumental in achieving growth.

Whether you are a corporate or venture startup, I believe Incepteo is a great partner to drive innovation forwards”

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