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Bettorlogic license unique content software through API/web services. This enables their partners to provide better statistical analysis in unique real-time across mobile and other platforms to stimulate customer engagement.

This is based on an Amazon-like ‘recommendation principle’ for betting. Bettorlogic offers a comprehensive range of products. An analysis of customer betting behaviour generates player profiles and thus enables more personalised content, which adds value to the customer relationship and marketing functions.


How We Delivered Our Solution

The Business Problem

Bettorlogic is an established technology player in the betting and gaming sector. Their rapid growth led to a high demand for new technology that would serve their ongoing software development, testing, DevOps, cloud and infrastructure management needs. They needed a technology partner who could be reactive, could grow with them and provide strategic steering and long-term support of their infrastructure and the evolution of their products.

How We Helped

Incepteo invested time in understanding their customer needs; built a close working relationship with the technology leaders at Bettorlogic; delivered technical resources and capabilities which helped Bettorlogic transition to a cloud environment. The rollout included migration and support of their hosting infrastructure. This was done by leveraging Incepteo’s strength in Microsoft development technologies and their long-standing experience in Azure cloud.

What We Delivered

What started off as a minor technical consulting engagement emerged to be a long-standing technology partnership. Incepteo helped with the technical resourcing in Microsoft, Web Frontend and App Building; supported a very critical live cloud infrastructure migration with meticulous planning and execution; offered cloud monitoring and maintenance of Virtual Machines, Backups, Security and Upgrades. In summary, we emerged as a key player in their technology evolution.

When Bettorlogic took the decision to build their own gaming-focused technology division on a larger scale, Incepteo helped them with sourcing and hiring relevant talent to fulfil their future goals.

“Incepteo was an excellent long-term strategic partner for us”

Raj Kalakota, CTO Bettorlogic
Limited UK

We deliver strategic consultancy in a very complex industry. We wanted to focus on developing niche tools that help our customers in bringing efficiency and scalability in their business market pricing teams.

Incepteo has helped us to do just that and been wonderful in their willingness to go extra mile, to offer every support needed from presales to hosting & maintenance.

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