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Access Infinity is a London based niche pharmaceutical consultancy, advising clients on pricing and market access strategies. They help in the most complex stages of product rollouts into international markets.

Access Infinity helps pharma companies with research, strategy, gap analysis and pricing to guide and enable a well-tailored journey to commercial success.


How We Delivered Our Solution

The Business Problem

Access Infinity was looking to offer practical tools to their customers as an add-on to their consulting services, to assist with the efficient execution of complex market access projects. Their primary intent in partnering with Incepteo was to develop a software tool that gives an overview of market access activities across the globe. This would allow teams to make insightful decisions during the product launch processes.

How We Helped

Incepteo worked closely with Access Infinity in terms of market approach and concept development. Both teams collaborated on iterative cycles of design and development, that included visualisation and rich UX design to agree on a final product.

The product was well received in the market but it also raised the need for solution variants and modules. Incepteo and Access Infinity elicited product feedback from clients through a series of focused workshops, which allowed us to deliver a real-world evidence dashboard solution which became one of the defining features of the solution.

What We Delivered

The solution has been designed and developed in a combination of rich UI frameworks and Microsoft development platforms. It has been hosted on Azure in line with corporate security requirements Incepteo owned the development, quality testing, deployment and support of this ambitious project.

Apart from the insightful dashboards, Incepteo pioneered some other innovative features including the ability to download the dashboards into PowerPoint presentations, helping business users demonstrate data in a visually rich manner, making it both a useful and exciting tool for end customers in the pharma industry.

“Incepteo has been an extension of our company, providing us with reliable technology capacity and the willingness to go the extra mile, to offer every support needed from presales to hosting & maintenance. ”

Shree Mukku,
CEO, Access Infinity

We deliver strategic consultancy in a very complex industry. We wanted to focus on developing niche tools that help our customers in bringing efficiency and scalability in their business market pricing teams.

Incepteo has helped us to do just that and been wonderful in their willingness to go extra mile, to offer every support needed from presales to hosting & maintenance.

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