28th November 2018

By admin

Be ready to fail, so you can succeed in networking


If you are not willing to take a chance, then you cannot achieve the highest success as a networker. You should always be ready to fail to succeed in business networking. We understand that this concept may be hard for you to fathom and therefore, we will share more light on it. This will allow you to find out how failure may help you create the ideal networks and achieve the business success that otherwise may not have been possible.

Understand the Right Value

Many business owners miserably fail in networking because they do not give it the right value. They believe that networking is simply a business function that they have to attend, which is expensive and merely provides a formality. These businesses will certainly get what they are looking for! A business network that is worth nothing and is expensive to maintain.

Remember, each business connection is unique and offers an amazing working opportunity. You can only succeed in networking if you value their partnership and attempt to bring something of value from your end as well. Only then you will understand there is no concept of a failure in business networking. A connection that may seem worthless right now may become your most important partner, a few years down the line.

You need to make sure that you view networking the right way and understand that it offers business value in the form of social collaboration. It provides you with the ability to improve as an industry and work out solutions to the common business problems.

Networking for Money

We understand that all businesses exist to make money. However, networking is not about getting monetary benefits. It is about creating conditions that help you get these benefits in a reliable and consistent manner. If you attempt to achieve networking, for this reason, be ready to fail in networking. However, understanding that business networking will take you closer to your financial objectives is the right way of going about it.

Remember, it is always good to find a balance in your networking activities. As a business owner, you need to understand that opportunities will come looking for you if you manage your efforts in the right manner. You should learn to fail in getting some business opportunities to succeed as a sensible business that values partnerships and aims to improve the way it carries out its functional activities.

Change Your Objectives

Although you should be ready to fail to succeed in networking, you fail in most cases because your objectives are not set up in an ideal manner. Remember, you should employ skill and complexity when creating business networks. Have specific goals from your network that balances out monetary advantages, opportunity gains and the ability to enhance the business information available to your employees.

A key objective should always be to connect with like-minded businesses that are working on improving business models and attaining higher efficiencies. You can also work with your network members and create new social networks to produce better connectivity and the ability to share work projects if possible. Good networking will also allow you to achieve the right mindset and look for goals that are beyond the norms of simply achieving a few business projects.

The right goals will allow you to ensure that you can progress with your networking in a more gradual and controlled manner. Just make sure that you remain focused on achieving tour core objectives and use business networking as the means of achieving the ideal fit in your industry and business environment.

Impossible Goals

You will certainly fail in business networking if you attach unachievable goals to it. You cannot keep a target of creating a network that doubles your business in a single year. When you think about achieving the impossible, you achieve nothing. We believe that creating realistic targets from your business network is the key succeeding in your overall business functions.

Create possible goals for your business network and try to achieve them in a coordinated manner, and you will find that your network is successful in creating value for your efforts rather than money!


Many business owners are enthusiastic when they start participating in a business network. However, since their objectives are monetary, they start to lose interest and are inconsistent in their efforts towards managing and using the business network to the fullest.

Remember, you should create an activity calendar and ensure that you are actively participating in creating value for your business network. You need to be open to provide your network with the best networking opportunities.

Trying out a mobile app for improved networking may be the ideal solution for you. Always remember if you are willing to lose out on the efforts that you make for your network, only then can you appreciate the gains it may provide.